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Dress Code

Dress Code

Appropriate attire and acceptable appearance strongly correlate with school success.

Garden Springs Elementary School students are expected to be neatly dressed and well groomed at all times.  Other than on theme days, the following is a description of generally acceptable attire for students attending Garden Springs Elementary School:

  • Students may not wear clothing with profane language, double meanings, alcohol or cigarette advertisements, or sexually, racially, or ethnically stereotypical language or pictures.
  • Clothing which overexposes the body is unacceptable. Lewd or suggestive attire may not be worn.  (Examples include:  tight shirts, sagging pants, tops with halter type necks, revealing undergarments, tops that expose the midriff).                                                                                
  • Student’s shorts, skirts and “skorts” must measure to at least 3 inches above the knee.
  • Tank tops must have straps that are at least the width of two of the student’s fingers.
  • Students may not wear hats, or sunglasses inside the building.
  • Appropriate shoes are required. Shoes with wheels are unacceptable.  For student safety, rubber-soled shoes are required for physical education class.
  • Other dress considered by the principal or teachers to be distracting, unsafe or inappropriate is not allowed.