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About the School

About Our School

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At Garden Springs Elementary, we foster the kind of classrooms where teachers and staff share knowledge of each other's practices. We provide opportunities for meaningful participation for students and staff. Students are viewed as responsible learners and teachers as facilitators. Everybody's contributions are deemed important. We grow and learn by sharing and treating each other with respect. We also set and communicate high expectations. Individual efforts are seen as important, and there is a sense of belonging. Teamwork is positive and supportive, and we foster a warm, nurturing atmosphere. We also provide unconditional, positive regard and encouragement for our students in this caring environment. At Garden Springs, we do whatever it takes for our kids!

Academic Programs

Language, Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Library, STEM, Art, Music, Gifted and Talented/Primary Talent Pool, and ESL (English as a Second Language) 

Mission statement

Garden Springs Elementary exists to create a collaborative community of learners that ensures all students achieve at high levels and are prepared for lifelong success in a global society.